A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The State Quiz is an extensive game which combines geographic learning with a gaming aspect, containing a high number of game modes as well as online and offline modes for up to two players.

Functions and contents 

  • A high number of game modes, like matching flags, maps, capitals etc. to their countries and vice versa; and much more
  • A database for every country of the world containing interesting information, flags and multiple maps
  • Earn State Quiz coins by playing the game, and purchase prizes like national anthems or several images showing different sights of all countries of the world 
  • Multiplayer game modes: Online (Classic QuizPaint the Flag) and offline 
  • Unlock the City Quiz with a database containing more than one hundred thousand cities
  • City Quiz singleplayer game modes: Guessing distances and population figures, assigning cities to their countries or locating a city on a map, and even more
  • City Quiz online multiplayer mode Localize the City: Whoever places a marker closer to a given city wins
  • The City Quiz also contains a searchable database with information on population figures, elevations, countries, districts, etc.

Install instructions

After downloading the zip archive, you have to extract it. (You may move the extracted folder, but do not move or modify any of the files inside of it.)

  • Windows: Start the game by opening StateQuiz.exe in the extracted directory.
  • Other platforms (Linux, Mac): Start the game by opening StateQuiz.jar in the extracted directory. You need Java for that.


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